A Very Freaky Christmas And a Crazy New Year

by Léo Lago

Released December, 2011
Released December, 2011
This isn't just another Christmas album. This is the weirdest Christmas album ever released.
This album includes four songs in Portuguese from the EP "Feliz Natal e próspero ano novo... são os votos de Léo Lago", released in 2007. Strange versions of Christmas standards and a bizarre suite complete the album.

Review by Keshcology:
A fabulous oddity

Nicely silly genre-hopping album with some cool vocal work and very neat production trickery. The version of 'Silent Night', with what sounds like a pitched street battle behind, was particularly delicious. 'Brand New Christmas' sums up the modern season: "Buy Now! Buy Now! Buy your Christmas now!" Crazy New Year indeed... Nice artwork too.

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